Toddlers: Little Lambs

Ages: 12 Months to 24 Months


Children make your life important. ~Erma Bombeck 

Our Toddler Program guides your child's early experiences toward a lifelong love of learning.

Stepping Stones Preschool Academies believe in focusing on the needs of the “whole child” in every program that we offer.  The Little Lambs program encourages your child’s natural curiosity in a fun and active learning environment and is designed to promote discovery and to give each child the very best start. We implement appropriate practices through professional excellence, all in a caring environment.  

At the age of 12 to 24 months old your child will begin to experience these amazing changes:

  • Physical growth
  • Cognitive development - is your child's ability to think, learn, and remember.
  • Social and emotional growth - Toddlers form strong emotional attachments and often feel uneasy when they are separated from their loved ones. Around the same time, toddlers typically want to do things on their own or according to their own wishes.
  • Language development - a typical toddler understands 10 times more words than he or she can speak.
  • Sensory and motor development - Toddlers gain control and coordination and become steady walkers. Climbing, running, and jumping soon follow.


The Stepping Stones curriculum is integrated into your child’s day utilizing the best trends in education that are based on brain research, all in a loving environment. Throughout the day, there is a balance of quiet and active periods. 

At Stepping Stones Preschools, we recognize that children in this age group can be easily overwhelmed by all the new things he or she is seeing, hearing, learning, and doing. Our classroom environment will instill confidence in your budding toddler as they learn and experience these changes.  As your toddler develops the need for independence, our teachers will guide with a gentle tone and unconditional love for every child.  Our caregivers provide a daily schedule with the perfect balance of academics, playtime, social interaction, and rest time throughout the school day.

We will encourage these young learners to explore and discover the wonders of this world in our classroom and play time. This nurturing environment filled with wonder will encourage a love for learning to last a lifetime.


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