When you need child care for your newborn infant, it’s extremely important that you find a facility that instills trust and confidence.  Your want the best for child and that feeling in the pit of your stomach when you drop off your baby will never go away, but when you find the right program, you know your child is well cared for.

When you are evaluating a Florida daycare program for your infant child it’s important to pay review the program curriculum and the opportunities for your child at the daycare center.  We are particularly proud of the infant program available at our various Florida preschool centers.

Our Florida daycare centers have a strong infant program.  Known as “Little Angels” the program focuses on the developmental needs of children aged six weeks to 12 months.

Our infant program includes:

  • Safe exploration in soft, inviting and language-rich settings.
  • Time holding, talking to and cuddling.
  • Daily schedules that include nap time, play time and bottle times.
  • Experiences with understanding sounds, and responding to voice and direction.

Your child will also:

  • Develop physical coordination
  • Build small and large motor skills
  • Participate in tummy time play.

The best way to learn more about infant daycare programs in Florida is to visit one of our centers. Click here to schedule a tour or a preschool near you.  You can also read more about our preschool programs, here.