When you are evaluating a Florida preschool program for your child it’s important to pay particular attention to the program and opportunities your child will be involved with at the daycare center.  We are particularly proud of the preschool program available at our various Florida preschool centers.

From Okeechobee to Vero Beach and south to Palm Beach Gardens, our daycare centers have a strong preschool program.  Known as “Explorers” ad “Adventurers” the program focuses on developmental needs two-and-three-year-olds.

The two-year-old classroom program includes activities that help your child develop:

  • Understanding values including honesty, compassion, and giving.
  • Understanding language through conversation and books.
  • Starting to understand math through puzzle and block play.
  • Understanding the feelings that signal he/she needs to use the bathroom.
  • Agility in outdoor play and group activities.
  • Developing cooperation skills through social interaction with classmates.

The three-year-old preschool program addresses:

  • Learning to tell a story or gather information from books.
  • How to communicate through better listening and speaking skills.
  • Learning new words and building a vocabulary through word games and phonics instruction.
  • Recognizing numbers and basic math skills.
  • The social skills and the importance of generosity, sharing, and thankfulness in the classroom and on the playground.

The best way to learn more about preschool programs in Florida is to visit one of our centers. Click here to schedule a tour or a preschool near you.  You can also read more about our preschool programs, here.